April Ryan Obliterated Sarah Sanders And Mike Huckabee In 2 Hours

April Ryan called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a fake press secretary and later went on to wreck Mike Huckabee on Twitter.

Ryan said during an appearance on CNN on Friday evening:

The White House is very concerned. I got a call today because as you know, I called her a liar, and the White House tried to explain to me what it was. A lie is a lie is a lie. She calls us fake news. She’s a fake press secretary who’s disseminating lies. She embellished at the very least. If she talked to maybe two or three.

She embellished saying the word countless. Countless. As opposed to saying a few or none. She lied to the press, who in turn delivered that information to the American public. It’s not about us. It’s about the American public. From that sacred podium to give that information that is wrongful. People are not going to be able to trust her or even this administration. It’s even bigger than Sarah at this point. It’s now the president. It’s now his minions. Can you trust, and the answer is no.


April Ryan also mixed it up with Mike Huckabee on Twitter

Ryan responded:

The Huckabee family should stop messing with April Ryan because she fears nothing and is backing down from no one.

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