Congress Is Building Criminal And Impeachment Cases Against Trump

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that Congress is building cases for criminal prosecution and the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Rep. Lieu, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, was asked by Joy Reid if Congress is building a case for post-presidential prosecution or impeachment of Trump.

Lieu answered, “Both. If you read the Mueller report, it’s clear he did not leave the determination of obstruction of justice to Bill Barr. He left it for Congress. We don’t have a record. We have a redacted Mueller report and interesting reporting by MSNBC and interesting things people have said in the press. We need to build a record and gather authenticated documents and interview witnesses under oath. At the end of the day, we will exonerate Donald Trump or we are not. If we don’t, then yes. Impeachment is on the table.”


Congress is building a case for Trump to be criminally prosecuted as soon as he leaves office

It is true that Congress does not have the power to prosecute Trump criminally, but Congress can turn over all the evidence that they collect, build the case, and refer Donald Trump to the proper authorities for prosecution, but House Democrats aren’t settling for an impeachment process that is likely to die in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The possibility is growing that Donald Trump will face criminal prosecution as soon as he sets foot outside of the White House as a private citizen. Trump is hanging on to his no collusion delusion because collective brainwashing might be his only hope for avoiding spending the rest of his days behind bars.

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