Rachel Maddow Shows How Trump’s Worst Nightmare Of Being Criminally Charged Can Come True

Rachel Maddow dug into Mueller’s roadmap and uncovered how Donald Trump could be criminally charged for obstruction of justice.

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Maddow said:

But this is why Mueller says he did his report this way. If you uncover crimes, but there can be no charges, why bother uncovering the crimes? Right? Well, he says because the immunity that prevents the perp from being charged, that is a fleeting thing. It doesn’t last forever. It is not only worth investigating. It is worth laying down what looks like chargeable conduct here and why. As Mueller says it, given those considerations, the facts known to us and the strong public interest in safeguarding the integrity of the criminal justice system we conducted a thorough, factual investigation in order to preserve the evidence when memories were fresh and documentary materials were available. Why are you preserving the evidence? For whom? Here’s your road map. Because as Mueller says explicitly when Donald Trump is no longer president, there’s no restriction on charging him. And here’s how you do it on these charges. By the way, the statute of limitations on obstruction of justice is five years. Five years from the last criminal act that would be could be charged.


The special counsel laid out the obstructive act, the nexus for a criminal proceeding and criminal intent. If President Trump is not reelected, he will be out of office in January 2021. At that point, he will no longer be immune from prosecution. He will still be well within the statute of limitations of everything in this report.


Voters could get Trump out of the White House and send him to prison in 2020

If the nearly 60% of voters who disapprove of Trump need any additional motivation to get out in vote in 2020, consider that thanks to all of the evidence that Robert Mueller has gathered on Trump obstruction of justice, voters will be able to get a 2 for 1 deal. Next November, voters could not only get rid of the Trump presidency, but they could also get Donald Trump indicted by voting for his Democratic opponent.

Lock him up isn’t just a chant. It’s a reason to go to the polls next November.

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