Adam Schiff Busts Fox News For Playing Edited Clips Of Him

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) took on Fox News after Fox News Sunday misleadingly edited some of his statements that they played on the air.

Adam Schiff Called Out Fox News For Misleading Their Viewers With Editing

Schiff said after Fox played some misleading and heavily edited clips of Schiff talking about Trump/Russia collusion:

Chris, as you know, and it wish you had played the rest of some of those clips, I went on to say that whether that collusion, that evidence of collusion rises to proof beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of conspiracy was a different question. And indeed, that distinction is made in the opening pages of the Mueller report, so when the president and his allies repeat this mantra of no collusion, they clearly haven’t read or are ignoring the plain language of the report where Bob Mueller says two things. He says we are not going to look into the question of whether it’s collusion, that’s a common lay terms that can be criminal or noncriminal conduct. We are going to look at the crime of conspiracy.

And on that issue, Bob Mueller says something else that I’ve been saying frequently, which is the fact that you may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a criminal conspiracy doesn’t mean there is an absence of evidence of crime. And when I talk, Chris, and you’re absolutely right, I talked with us all the time on the course of the last year. When I talked about evidence of collusion in plain sight, I used those words, in plain sight, and appointed to the meetings of Trump Tower that Don Jr. and Kushner and manna Manafort took. What more clear intent to collude could you have done the Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what was described as an effort to help Mr. Trump in the campaign and Don Jr. saying, if it’s what you say, I would love it.


Schiff caught Fox News pushing a lie

Rep. Schiff caught Fox News engaging in one of their favorite and most misleading techniques. The mechanism for misleading and misinforming FNC viewers isn’t limited to what is said. Fox also misleads by what is shown. By editing clips to make it look like Schiff was claiming that there was criminal collusion, it was a subtle hit job that was designed to further the president’s misleading spin of the Mueller report while discrediting the person who is leading the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump.

Fox News is no match for Schiff, and when they tried to pull one of their favorite tricks, the sharp former prosecutor wasn’t falling for their false narrative setting.

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