Trump’s Approval Rating Just Hit A New Record Low

Trump’s approval rating hit a record low in the Politico/Morning Consult poll due to the Mueller report.

Trump’s approval rating hits a record low

According to the new Morning Consult/Politico poll:

– 57 percent of registered voters disapproved of Trump’s job performance and 39 percent approved. The 18-point deficit marks Trump’s worst net approval rating – the share of voters who approve minus those who disapprove – since he took office. It surpasses the three 17-point gaps the president previously incurred, two of which came amid the longest government shutdown in U.S. history and another that followed his controversial comments regarding the August 2017 clash between protesters at a white supremacist march in Charlottesville.

Democrats aren’t ready to impeach Trump

– Just over a third of voters (34 percent) said they support impeaching Trump, compared with 48 percent who oppose it, similar to the share of voters who said the same in a poll conducted immediately after the midterm elections. The 5-point drop in support for impeachment since January was driven largely by Democrats, who soured on impeachment by 12 points, from 71 percent to 59 percent.

Support for impeaching Trump is inching closer to becoming a 50/50 split because the reality is setting in among some that impeaching Trump won’t accomplish anything. The Senate will not convict and remove him from office. There is another presidential election around the corner, and while impeachment by the House would feel good, it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

The best way to get rid of Trump is to vote him out office.

Many Democrats don’t want to make the same mistake that Republicans made when they rushed to impeach Bill Clinton. Democrats are going to hold hearings and do the investigations. If the evidence leads to impeachment, public support will grow and Trump will be impeached. If not, the voters will get their chance to render their own verdict on Trump in 2020.

Either way, Trump is sinking fast and looking like a one-term president.