Mueller Gave Democrats A Road Map and They’re Following It Straight To Trump

House Democrats have Robert Mueller’s road map and they are planning on following it as it leads them straight to the White House and Trump.

Roll Call reported that Democrats aren’t just relying on Mueller:

House Democrats are starting to follow leads laid out in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report as their own investigations into President Donald Trump continue.


House Democrats want to build their own case on the question of whether Trump obstructed justice. To that end, Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler on Monday subpoenaed former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who is mentioned in the Mueller report as a witness to several instances in which Trump may have obstructed justice.


Pelosi, notably, did not rule out impeachment.

“We have to save our democracy. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about saving our democracy,” she said. “If it is what we need to do to honor our responsibility to the Constitution — if that’s the place the facts take us, that’s the place we have to go.”

Mueller Gave Democrats Leads To Follow

Democrats are following the leads that Mueller laid out in his report and are going beyond the Special Counsel and investigating everything from Trump’s efforts to add a question to the Census, Trump’s role in overriding concerns about security clearances, and Trump’s finances including if he is compromised by a hostile foreign power.

The impeachment process is the end, not the beginning. Democrats can’t skip ahead to impeachment without doing their own investigations. House Democrats are following the map that Robert Mueller drew, but the goal is to do a full investigation of this president, which is something that Special Counsel Mueller did not have the mandate to do.

A segment of the left is clamoring for impeachment, but the nation as a whole is not.

Pelosi was right not to rule out impeachment, but there is a process to be followed, investigations to be done, and facts to be presented before it’s time for a serious impeachment conversation.

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