Trump Held A Meeting With Twitter’s CEO To Complain About His Lost Followers

Trump used his position as president to meet with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to complain about his lost Twitter account followers.

The Daily Beast reported:

A large percentage of the meeting, which included senior White House officials such as Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino, was spent addressing the subject of @realDonaldTrump’s follower count. The president stated his belief that he had lost some of his roughly 59 million followers in anti-Trump, anti-conservative Twitter purges, according to a source familiar with the meeting.

Dorsey, according to this knowledgeable source, had to explain to the president that like other Twitter users, @realDonaldTrump periodically loses followers when the site deletes fake or bot accounts. Dorsey even said he himself had lost followers as a result of Twitter’s efforts to delete fake accounts.

Trump thinks that Twitter is out to get him

This is what Donald Trump is spending his time as president doing. When history looks back on the Trump presidency, they are going to note the historic Twitter summit where Donald Trump complained about his declining number of followers.

Beneath Trump not knowing about bots and fake accounts is a real problem. The president is running for reelection next year, and his social media status is declining. There is no direct scientific evidence that a decline in social media followers equals a decline in political fortunes, but any president would rather be gaining instead of losing social media traction before his or her reelection campaign.

Trump is trending in the wrong direction, and instead of blaming himself or his tactics, this president has immediately latched on to a conspiracy. Never has a president done so little while wasting so much time.

It’s not that Twitter is out to get him. Trump isn’t popular.

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