Trump Thinks That Attacking Mueller Will Protect Him From Impeachment

Trump believes that the only way he can prevent being impeached is to attack Robert Mueller.

Trump Thinks That He Can Save Himself From Impeachment

According to The New York Times, “Mr. Giuliani’s attacks on Mr. McGahn have unnerved some senior White House officials, who have argued privately that the president and his legal team should stop drawing attention to damaging episodes in the report, according to two people close to the White House. But Mr. Trump has privately complained about the accounts, particularly the ones given by Mr. McGahn, and has said the only way to protect himself from impeachment is to attack Mr. Mueller and Mr. McGahn, the people said.”

Trump has returned to the only strategy that he knows. The president is trying to discredit Robert Mueller and his report. Trump is under the belief that the only evidence against him, and the only evidence that Congress will use is the Mueller report.

Trump has no understanding of the House investigations

House Democrats aren’t using the Mueller report as their only evidence. House investigators view Mueller’s work as a source of leads, not definitive evidence. In one respect, it doesn’t matter if Trump trashes Mueller, because the House is doing their own investigations. Trump’s troubles aren’t about Mueller and his report.

Trump isn’t going to save himself from impeachment by attacking Mueller, and the fact that he believes shows that the President Of The United States has brought a plastic butter knife to a gun fight.

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