Laurence Tribe Says The Impeachment Process Is Already Under Way Against Trump

Professor Laurence Tribe said that the impeachment process is already under way against Donald Trump.

The impeachment process against Trump has already started

Tribe said on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Laurence O’Donnell:

After the Mueller report came out with all after its astonishing revelations about the systemic and sustained Russian attack on our democracy, and the president’s sustained efforts to obstruct inquiry into that attack, even inquiry of a counter investigation type that would enable us better protect ourselves from going on attack in 2020, it game clear there was no time to lose. So that’s why I’m very much in favor of the kinds of hearings that Representative Nadler already as chairman of the judiciary is engaged in now. They’re not called impeachment hearings but the impeachment process for anyone who understands what’s going on is it’s under way but they don’t have the bumper sticker yet.

They’re looking into all of the evidence connecting the dots and as you’re earlier guests said, putting live witnesses on the air. So that people can see for themselves through people like Don McGahn, just how corrupt and fundamentally criminal this president was. And we cannot assume that public opinion will be completely impervious to that demonstration. That’s why the president is trying to shut them all up, trying to stonewall in this unprecedented way, not invoking real legal privileges but just saying I’m the president. And I say I don’t want any of you to cooperate with Congress.


Whose congress anyway? A bunch of pols. It’s an astonishing exercise in arrogant obstruction of justice, very much like but much worse than what Nixon did leading to article 3 of his articles of impeachment the article about contempt of Congress. That’s what we’re witnessing, we’re witnessing contempt of Congress, contempt of law and contempt for the American people.

Trump is flipping out and trying to shut the congressional investigations down because he knows where they are going. They are leading to formal impeachment. Democrats are doing the wise thing by not jumping straight into impeachment. House Democrats are in the investigative stage. They are gathering the facts against Trump and building their case.

The debate about whether or not to impeach Trump is already over, as impeachment proceedings have begun.

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