White Supremacist Rep. Steve King Thinks That He Is Just Like Jesus

You don’t like Steve King embracing neo-Nazi slogans? Thanks for persecuting him, world.

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa told a town hall at Western Iowa Tech Community College that he understood how Jesus Christ felt after King endured the horrors of months of feedback over his comments on white supremacy and nationalism, the Des Moines Register reported.

Watch here:

In response to a question by a constituent who has fallen victim to Fox News’ misinformation and thus was concerned about “Christianity is really being persecuted,” also known as the rage right wing Christians feel when other religions are given one seat at a 400 seat table, King called the House of Representatives his “accusers.”

“When I have to step down to the floor of the House of Representatives, and look up at those 400-and-some accusers — you know, we just passed through Easter and Christ’s passion. And I have better insight into what He went through for us, partly because of that experience,” King replied.

The “accusers” were the folks in the House who condemned King for saying to the New York Times, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

You know, like neo-Nazis on the dark web do.

The accusers, including Republicans, took away King’s committee assignments in the face of public outrage.

Although King claims he was misunderstood, he also repeated his false claim that the US is a Christian nation.

“It’s in our culture, it’s who we are. If it were any other way we wouldn’t be the America we are, and probably wouldn’t be an America at all.”

Yes, Christianity is in our culture, but this country’s government was precisely not built on a religion. As in, exactly the opposite.

Pastor Robert Franek explained, “Here’s a big difference between Steve King and Jesus: Jesus was persecuted for challenging the oppressive imperial powers of his time in the making of a new political order of justice and peace. King is persecuted for vile racism and other bigotry. So not like Jesus. At. All.”

When Steve King asks himself, What would Jesus do? The answer he gets is to hate on anyone who isn’t white (“western civilization” is a calling card for far right white supremacists and neo-Nazis), and it seems as if King is actually the kind of person Jesus would have tossed out of the temple. Or, as King would say, Jesus would be his accuser. A real hater of King’s intolerance.

This is the modern day Republican Party, fashioned after the man in the White House, whose own “Christianity” can be seen as nothing less than the empty, craven, political manipulation that it is.