Joe Biden Says He Asked Obama Not To Endorse Him

Joe Biden says he asked former president Obama not to endorse him because whoever wins the nomination should do so on their own merits.

Joe Biden was asked why Obama didn’t endorse him

Biden said when he was asked why Obama didn’t endorse him, “I asked President Obama not to endorse. Whoever wins the nomination should win on their own merits.”


Obama shouldn’t be endorsing anyone during the primary. Democrats finally dealt a blow to the super delegate system for 2020, so the last thing that a crowded primary field needs are super party heavyweights like Obama dishing out endorsements before the voters have had their say.

Biden did the right thing by not asking Obama for an endorsement. He didn’t put Obama in a position to have to say no.

Obama did release a statement that was very warm to Biden. It wasn’t an endorsement, but the former president has made no comments like it about other candidates who are running for the nomination.

Joe Biden is going to have to win this on his own, and if he overcomes the nearly 20 other candidates who are running to become the nominee, he will have earned the chance to defeat Trump in the fall of 2020.

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