Trump Is Sweating Bullets And Trying To Cover His Tracks On Obstruction Of Justice

Trump accused the former White House counsel Don McGahn of lying to investigators as he tried to cover his tracks on obstruction of justice.

Donald Trump Throws Don McGahn Under The Bus

Trump tweeted:

Trump wants the American people to believe that the White House counsel lied to investigators, even though he had no motivation to lie, and the president is trying to cover up a crime.

Trump is worried about impeachment

Somebody woke up this morning worried about impeachment, and with good reason. According to Laurence Tribe, the impeachment process against Trump is already under way in the House. It isn’t called impeachment yet, but the investigations that House Democrats are doing are part of the impeachment process.

Trump claims that he has been exonerated, so it makes no sense that he is so scared of McGahn’s testimony. If McGahn could clear Trump of obstruction of justice, the president should be thrilled and calling for him to testify immediately.

The president is trying to discredit a witness to obstruction of justice, in front of the entire country. Trump is risking ten years in prison with his behavior toward McGahn and only making a case for his impeachment airtight with each tweet.

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