Cruelty Is Trump’s Point And It Won’t Stop Until He’s Kicked Out Of The White House

Even as a majority of sane people have come to dislike Donald Trump, they still fail to understand his mechanism. They continue to be shocked and amazed by his cruelty and ignorance, while at the same time refusing to call it what it actually is and thereby enabling it to multiply like a virulent bacteria taking over the United States.

You see, Donald Trump’s cruelty is the point. It is not an accident, or him playing strong man. He enjoys inflicting pain on others. So every time people clutch their pearls over his latest transgression of human norms, he’s deriving pleasure from it.

And the problem with this is the impeachment talk. While we risk undermining the very rule of law by not impeaching Donald Trump, with Republicans enabling Trump, an even greater assault on humanity and democracy await if we do and Republicans refuse to convict.

Because of the kind of person Donald Trump is — and this is not a person most of you reading this can relate to, because most of you have human emotions other than those primarily centered around yourselves — if the House impeaches Donald Trump but the Republicans in the Senate refuse to try him or let him off, he will make caging babies look like child’s play.

He will not suddenly become someone who follows the law just because “opponents” held him to account. That is not the sort of person Donald Trump is. Think of the man on whom police put a criminal restraining order after he tries to kill his wife. What is his most likely next step? If you guessed contrition and following the law, you are sadly incorrect.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault and rape and abuse. He is relentlessly accused of using workers and not paying them their fair wages. He scammed vulnerable people with his fake university.

As president, he sent troops to the border in a propaganda political midterm stunt, is siding with Russia and China against rape as a weapon of war resources with the UN, is using the levers of government against opponents and citizens on a whim, is punishing journalists like a dictator would, claimed he had all of the armed support, including police and military as his “support”… On and on it goes.

The story it tells is Donald Trump is a predator, a person who believes the world is here for him to use for his own betterment. He’s not the kind of person people want to be around; he’s crude and ignorant. Add in the fact that his fragile ego can’t handle criticism and you have the makings of a historically cruel despot.

This is why Trump isn’t letting Barr charge the terrorist who was plotting to assassinate Pelosi and other Democratic presidential candidates. It’s because he’s petty but also because he’s sending a message: Mess with him, and one of his crazed cult followers will try to kill you. Oh, and as the chief law enforcement officer, he won’t stop them or punish them.

This is called giving a green light to murder. Just another one of Trump’s regular stochastic terrorism signals to his cult, just another version of his offer to pay the legal fees for any supporter who beat up a protester.

But still, even after three years of this daily behavior, the media acts somewhat stumped by Trump.

Perhaps you have to have known someone like him to see it. Perhaps you need to have studied psychology to move the pieces of the puzzle into their obvious spots.

Or perhaps for all of their complaints, the media knows they are safe from his crazed followers, and after all, he is making them richer than they have ever been before due to a president. Or maybe it’s the whiteness of his skin and the R after his name.

Whatever the reason, important people are still not naming what Donald Trump is. They are still feigning outrage over his daily assault on our norms, ethics, and values.

Donald Trump is a monster. He doesn’t care that he is hurting migrant families seeking asylum – that is the POINT. He wants to hurt them. It gives him and his followers sick pleasure, like the kind of person who kicks their dog after a bad day. That’s who we have in the White House: A man who kicks his dog, wife, kids in the softest, most vulnerable spot in their body when someone at work hurt made him feel small.

And when the dog whimpers, he smiles. Because it’s a relief for Trump to inflict pain on others.
He won’t stop. He will never have compassion. He will never have empathy. He will never change.

This won’t stop until Donald Trump is finally held accountable for his own behavior for once in his life. It won’t stop until he is dragged from the White House like the inhumane, unworthy, and illegitimate president he is.

If Donald Trump is even further enabled by being charged with impeachment and then exonerated by his Republican Russian enablers, he will make this world a living Hell. He will feel so emboldened it will make the last three years look like a walk in the park under Jimmy Carter.

The best solution to the threat that is Donald Trump is for the House to continue investigations as it is, which are actually functioning like impeachment investigations they are just not being called that. They serve the purpose to unveil the secrets Trump has kept from the public about his finances, his obstruction of justice, his contacts with the Russians knowing they wanted to help him in 2016, and more.

Donald Trump’s brain doesn’t work like most people’s brain. He has no sense of shame. There is nothing stopping him except fear of impeachment. Take that away, and he will be so out of control it’s unimaginable.

The daily horror show of Donald Trump won’t stop until he’s kicked out of the Oval Office by someone the public trusts more than him, by someone with authority and dignity. Someone the military and police will respect.