Trump Is Trying To Hide His Schedule So You Can’t Find Out When He’s Watching TV

The White House implemented a new system to keep Trump’s private schedule secret so that the American people can’t find out how little he works.

The New York Times reported:

There are no more email attachments, according to two officials. Instead, the president’s daily private schedule is now shared on SharePoint, a Microsoft product that allows an administrator to monitor who has viewed the document. Based on how often people view the schedule, and when its contents become public, the White House has narrowed down its search for the schedule “leaker” to three potential culprits, a person familiar with the matter said.


But most of Mr. Trump’s day, according to the internal schedules, has been defined by executive time, a term pulled from the private schedules that has become shorthand for the hours Mr. Trump spends watching television and responding on Twitter to the coverage. Most days, the schedule showed that Mr. Trump began his day at 8 a.m. with a three-hour block dedicated to that time.

On Wednesday, Trump called himself the most transparent president in history. By Friday, it was reported that he is trying to hide his private schedule. The leak of the schedule has been a constant headache for this White House because it reveals how little time Trump spends doing his job as president.

There are many days on the schedule where Trump spends more time watching TV than he spends in official meetings. The important distinction is that Trump isn’t watching TV on his own time. Television watching is built into his daily work schedule. None of this would be necessary if Trump would do his job as president.

Trump would rather hide the truth than do any work, which is why the absentee president must be sent packing in 2020.