Try Not To Laugh As Trump Calls Himself A Student Of History


Trump called himself a student of history on Friday morning where there are mountains of his own quotes that reveal his historical ignorance.

Trump calls himself a student of history

Trump said, “I never told Don McGahn to fire Mueller. If I wanted to fire Mueller, I would have done it myself. It’s very simple. I had the right to. And, frankly, whether I did or he did, we had the absolute right to fire Mueller. In the meantime, I didn’t do it. I’m a student of history. I see what you get when you fire, and it’s not good. But there would have been nothing wrong with firing him. Legally I had every right to fire him, but I never told Don McGahn to fire Mueller. By the way, and Mueller finished out his report, no collusion, and no obstruction.”



Trump is repeating all of Richard Nixon’s mistakes and adding a lot of new ones, so the president is obviously a student of history in the sense that he’s emulating a previous corrupt president not by learning from his mistakes.

Trump is such a student of history that he called the White House a dump.

Trunp has consistently gotten history wrong

Trump accused Canada of burning down the White House, thought Frederick Douglass was still alive, that the Korean Peninsula used to be a part of China, and that most people didn’t know that Lincoln was a Republican. Trump also falsely claimed that his electoral college victory was the biggest in history and that his economy is the best in history. Both of these statements are entirely wrong.

Trump knows nothing about history. Unlike when he ran for president, the American people have more than two years of daily Trump behavior in the White House as a point of reference. Trump is no longer fooling anyone, as his boasts are the laughable lies of a buffoon who doesn’t realize that the microscope of the presidency is exposing every single day.

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