Adam Schiff Blasts ‘Scummy’ Trump And Says He Can Be Indicted

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the House Intelligence Committee chairman, called Trump’s beliefs on collusion with Russia scummy and thought that a president could be indicted.

Adam Schiff Calls Trump’s Russia collusion scummy and un-American

Rep. Schiff said on Real Time with Bill Maher, “This has been reaffirmed now by Giuliani and the rest of the crowd. They think it’s perfectly fine to take help from a hostile foreign power, to welcome it, to build it into their communications plan. They do view that as collusion. They view that as just smart politics. I think it’s unpatriotic. I think it’s scummy and wrong.”

Scummy and un-American doesn’t just describe Trump’s collusion with Russia. It also sums up how many Americans feel about Trump himself and his presidency.

Later, Schiff discussed the potential indictment of Trump, “Look, I was always of the opinion that the Office of Legal Counsel opinion that you can’t indict a sitting president is wrong that you can indict a sitting president. I think there are potential reasons not to try someone whose the President Of The United States, but particularly when there is any risk of the statute of limitations running, the president should be indicted, and you should stay prosecution.”

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Indictment is what Trump fears the most

It has been reported that Trump is only running for reelection to avoid indictment. He views the presidency as a get out jail free card that gives him the power to do whatever he wants with zero consequences. Trump has convinced himself that the voters are stupid and he can con his way to reelection.

Trump needs to win reelection because the statute of limitations clock is ticking. If the president loses reelection, it becomes a matter of when not if Donald Trump is indicted.
Adam Schiff was right. The smart move would be to seal the indictment until Trump is out of office.

A president can’t be indicted for being a scumbag, but he can be voted out of office, and the reckoning at the ballot box can lead to the indictment that Trump fears becoming a reality.

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