The NRA Is Teetering Toward Collapse As Internal Civil War Goes Public

The once fear gun manufacturers lobby is teetering over declining revenues and civil war between Wayne LaPierre and Oliver North.

The NRA Is Teetering Toward Collapse

Wayne LaPierre, the longtime face of the gun lobby, claims that he is being extorted.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

According to Mr. LaPierre’s letter to board members, which the The Wall Street Journal has reviewed, Mr. North called an NRA senior staffer Wednesday to convey a message to the NRA chief. In the call, according to the letter, Mr. North said that unless Mr. LaPierre resigned, Ackerman McQueen was prepared to send a letter to the NRA board that would be “bad for me, two other members of my executive team and the Association.”
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The letter, Mr. LaPierre wrote the board, “would contain a devastating account of our financial status, sexual harassment charges against a staff member, accusations of wardrobe expenses and excessive staff travel expenses.”

The NRA is accusing Oliver North of double dipping from both Ackerman McQueen and the gun lobby.

As The Daily Beast reported, “The updates to the complaint include more detail about North’s work and point to deep irritation between the group and its president. Not only did North fail to deliver on all of the material he promised for NRATV, the suit alleges, but North, in effect, double-dipped by drawing a salary from both the gun rights group and Ackerman McQueen at the same time.”

A simmering civil war has broken out into the open, and the situation won’t be resolved until the full NRA board meets on Monday. North wants LaPierre gone. LaPierre wants to be rid of North. The reality is that the NRA is a declining organization that has been losing battles over the country, including most recently, Pittsburgh on gun reform.

The NRA Is Also Under Investigation

The NRA is losing the public relations war on gun reform and is under investigation by Congress and the FBI for their role in funneling Russian money to the Trump campaign. The Senate is also investigating the NRA for illegally supporting Trump.

The NRA has big problems internally and externally and is looking like an organization that is on the brink of implosion. The fear of the NRA is gone, outside of Republican incumbents, and time is running out for the most powerful gun lobby in the world.

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