Trump Claims Obama Was Disloyal To America As Investigators Close In

Trump claimed in Green Bay that former President Obama had been disloyal to America, as congressional investigators are digging into his relationship with Russia.

Trump attacks Obama’s loyalty

Trump said, “Now, you finally have a president who is loyal to you. Every day between now and November 2020, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. Remember I used to tell you about winning. We’re winning. We are respected again, and I have to say every leader without fail that comes to see me in the Oval Office, they all say without fail. Congratulations, it’s incredible what’s happened to the United States.”

I don’t think those leaders all mean what they said to Trump as a compliment, but President “I’ll sue you if you release my grades‘ isn’t bright enough to catch on.


Trump goes back to Obama birtherism

Trump’s claim that Obama was disloyal to America is a dog whistle birther claim. The reality is that Barack Obama’s loyalty to his country was never in question. Obama never refused to release his tax returns because of his relationship with a hostile foreign power. Obama never had to hide his communications with Putin. Obama isn’t the president whose loyalty is in question.

This was some classic Trump projection. He is sinking like a rock after the Mueller report, so of course, he tries to blame Obama. Trump’s insecurity about Obama is epic. He will never be taken seriously or highly regarded like Obama, and it eats Trump up, which is why he projects his traits on to the former president.

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