Fox News Cuts To Commercial As Guest Links Trump To Rise In Anti-Semitism

Fox News was interviewing Joel Rubin, the former Asst. Sec. of State about the Poway synagogue mass shooting, until Rubin linked the rise in anti-Semitism to Trump and Fox abruptly cut to commercial.

Fox News cut off an interview because the guest linked Trump to the rise in anti-Semitism

Rubin said, “We’ve seen the spike, quite frankly, since the election of President Trump, and we’ve that because there’s been largely sort of a freedom to say what one wants in public. Jews will not replace us was the chant in Charlottesville in August of 2017, and just the other day the president essentially said that they were fair.”

Then Fox News cut off the interview and went to commercial.


Fox News is not news

Recently leaked emails revealed reporters who supposed to be on the “news” side of Fox News discussing how they could defend Trump from Joe Biden’s campaign launch video. There is also a civil war going on Fox News between the journalists who are trying to do their jobs, and those who see defending Trump as their job, and the Mueller report revealed that the Trump White House tells Fox News what to edit out of their interviews.

Fox News used to pretend to walk the line between journalism and political advocacy, but that has completely changed under Trump. Fox is now Trump’s cable news mouthpiece. The journalistic pretense is gone, and anyone like Joel Rubin who tries to bring facts to the discussion will be immediately tossed off of the air.

Fair and balanced has been replaced by unhinged and unbalanced.

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