Joe Biden Slams Trump for Badmouthing Labor And Unions

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination last week, blasted President Trump for badmouthing unions and labor, hours before Biden spoke to unions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“I’m sick of this President badmouthing unions. Labor built the middle class in this country. Minimum wage, overtime pay, the 40-hour week: they exist for all of us because unions fought for those rights. We need a President who honors them and their work.”

Biden was responding to Trump badmouthing the Firefighters Union on Twitter:

The head of the Firefighters Union said Joe Biden is someone who knows the middle class and is “genuine,” which is a slam to the soft spot of inauthentic Trump if ever there were one. Joe Biden actually grew up middle class, and he has fought for workers and the middle class his entire career, unlike silver-spooned Donald Trump, who made promises to workers he failed to keep.

Biden is kicking his campaign off speaking to unions in his home state of Pennsylvania, a state Trump desperately need to keep in his pocket in 2020, and one of the three Midwestern states Trump needs to win. Biden will address the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to make a case for his vision to help the working class.

Trump is scared because the union Rust Belt voters are his, but Joe Biden is making it clear that he is coming to states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to bring those workers back to the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump talks big on unions and manufacturing, but it is Joe Biden who is walking the walk.