Joe Biden Storms Pittsburgh And Hits Trump Right Between The Eyes


At his first rally in Pittsburgh, PA, former vice president Joe Biden went after Trump’s economic record and talked to the people who are being left behind.

Biden went after Trump on the economy

Biden said, “The stock market is roaring, but did you feel it? There was $2 trillion tax cut last year, did you feel it? Did you get anything from it? Of course, not. Of course, not. All of it went to the folks at the top and corporations that pay no taxes. The number of corporations that pay no taxes now has doubled since that tax cut. Look, guys, this is not good. What’s happened here has happened for a lot of different reasons. But for me one of them stands the basic bargain that used to exist, the Republicans and Democrats used to agree to has been broken. You contribute to the enterprise that you work for, you got to share in the benefits and the profits. If the enterprise had a hard time, everyone took a hit. But that bargain has broken. Now the only people benefitting when a company does well are the CEOs and shareholders. The people at the top. And the only people that get hurt when the company has hard times is the workers. It’s a one-way street.”



Joe Biden has the perfect message for the Rust Belt

Former vice president Biden delivered the perfect message to voters who Donald Trump made a boatload of promises too, but hasn’t delivered on any of them. The people in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are being left behind. Trump’s tax cut for the rich did nothing for the working people in these states, except increase their taxes.

Biden’s message is on the money for these states. Joe Biden knows that he can’t win the White House without winning Pennsylvania. Biden is coming after voters in the western part of the state that may have stayed home for Hillary Clinton. Biden knows who he is talking to. He understands where the votes are, and he is out to turn Pennsylvania blue in 2020.

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