Trump Fed Pick Stephen Moore Wants To Force 11 Year Old Kids To Get Jobs

Trump’s Fed choice Stephen Moore has said that he wants to get rid of child labor laws and force 11 and 12-year old kids to get jobs.

The New York Times reported:

During a 2016 debate on the minimum wage, for example, Mr. Moore talked about how to get more Americans into the labor force. In a serious tone, Mr. Moore said he would like to see more preteens working.

“I’m a radical on this,” he said. “I’d get rid of a lot of these child labor laws. I want people starting to work at 11, 12.”

Trump is trying to radicalize the Fed

The support for Moore has been lukewarm at best among Senate Republicans. The odds are good that enough Republicans are going to refuse to support him, and he will have to withdraw his nomination, but that won’t stop Trump from trying to appoint people to the Fed who will carry out his agenda of keeping interest rates low and the bubbles going until the economy crashes.

Stephen Moore is completely unqualified, and in a different administration would not be considered for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. The idea of abolishing child labor laws has no place in the 21st Century anywhere in the world. Making preteens get jobs would set the educational achievements of the nation back one hundred years.

These are crackpot ideas that have no place in government and should be enough to doom Moore’s nomination before it ever gets off the ground.

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