Adam Schiff Says Time’s Up On Trump Delaying Mueller’s Testimony

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Trump and Barr can’t delay Mueller’s testimony any longer.

Adam Schiff says Mueller’s testimony is coming

Rep. Schiff said on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

I don’t think they can put Mueller off much longer…Because I think they realize the public pressure is going to be too great. And that’s why I think Barr has conceded I’m not going to oppose Mueller testifying before Congress. What he has wanted to do is part of the same pattern which is even though Mueller had a summary of his own, even though Mueller wanted me to release his own summaries, I released my summary to set the false narrative. That wasn’t enough though. When the Mueller report was going to come out and I knew it was going to come out and it was bad for the president, I decided I was going to give my own preview that morning.

Of course, that was completely unnecessary except in the service of the president. So he gives his false summary again. And then he gives false testimony, all of this is buying time for the narrative to settle in. His testimony before Congress, his insistence and in our discussions they’re like — their position at justice is first Barr and then we can talk about other things. It’s all part of the same. We’ll have Barr testify. We will run the clock longer so that the Barr version of events which is essentially the trump version of events will have longer to take hold before the country actually gets to hear from the man himself Bob Mueller. So it’s all part of the same tactic.


It Is Time For Mueller To Talk To The American People

AG Barr has told one version of the story, which thanks to Mueller’s letters, we have proof is not true. Now, it is time for the American people to hear from Robert Mueller in his own words without redactions, live in front of the nation. Rep. Schiff was right. The pressure is building to have Mueller testify. The game has been the same. Trump and Barr are trying to poison the well with a false narrative before Mueller testifies.

The false narrative hasn’t worked. Trump’s poll numbers have gotten worse since the Mueller report was released. Total exoneration is now a national joke. The country needs to hear from Mueller and soon enough, they will get their wish.