Rachel Maddow: Indications Barr Ordered The End Of Mueller Probe


Rachel Maddow said that there are indications that Barr ordered the end of the Mueller investigation in March.

Maddow said, “it. I should also tell you there is also I think an indication from a couple of things that attorney general Barr said today that he may have ordered an end to Robert Mueller’s investigation, that he may have ordered Mueller to stop investigating in March of this year. We are chasing that story now. We expect to have more on that in the coming days. I will bring you more on it tonight if we are able to break that open while I’m on the air this hour. We are working on that now. I will keep you apprised as to what we can nail it down.”



Rachel Maddow made it clear that she and her team have not nailed the story down, but she felt confident enough to mention on the air that there are indications that Barr ordered the end of the Mueller investigation. If this is true, it would explain a lot. The Mueller investigation seemed to end abruptly after media reports had been that Mueller had months more work ahead of him.

The Mueller probe seemed to just stop after Barr took over, and it would make perfect sense if the reason why the investigation stopped was that Barr ordered it to close. If Barr killed the Mueller investigation, it will be another nail in his coffin as calls for his resignation or impeachment will grow to a roar.

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