Nancy Pelosi Is Coming After William Barr For His Crimes

During her weekly press conference, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said AG Barr committed a crime when he lied to Congress.

Nancy Pelosi Isn’t Done With William Barr

Speaker Pelosi said, “Sitting there once again, his Justice Department intensifying its assault on the Affordable Care Act. And that they did their filing, further filing to get rid of the entire Affordable Care Act. So that’s what it means to people with preexisting conditions. He’s sitting there in that arrogance. I don’t care about your preexisting condition. I care about the special interests in our country. That was the message of Barr. So connecting of the dots between Mitch Mcconnell, the Republican agenda, and Congress such as it is, the special interests agenda fueled by dark special interest money, that’s what that hearing was about. It wasn’t about technicalities. It wasn’t about who wrote the letter and how he characterized the letter. That’s interesting. But what is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States. That’s a crime.”


As House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on Thursday night, Barr is not the most important witness. Congress needs to hear from Robert Mueller, and then they will be able to double back to Attorney General William Barr. The House majority is not finished with Barr, but they are also not going to get sucked into the White House’s stall and delay tactics.

The Speaker of the House accused the Attorney General of the United States of a crime. William Barr has never been close to impeachment than when those words left Speaker Pelosi’s mouth. The House is going to fight tooth an nail to make sure that Donald Trump never becomes the king that he so badly wants to be.

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