Trump Is ‘So Scared’ Of Biden That White House Staff Can’t Get Him To Stay Focused

Donald Trump’s behavior since former vice president Joe Biden entered the 2020 Democratic primary race has made it clear: He is scared that Biden will be his general election opponent next year.

Trump is so scared, in fact, that his own staff is struggling to keep from talking about Barack Obama’s former VP.

According to Politico, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner has been begging the president to stop getting involved in the Democratic primary and just stay focused on his day job.

Of course, that failed miserably this week, most notably on Wednesday when Trump had a complete social media meltdown and retweeted nearly 60 angry tweets over Biden’s endorsement from the International Association of Firefighters.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Thursday, political analyst Zerlina Maxwell said Trump’s nonstop Biden talk is an indication that “Donald Trump is clearly very afraid of Joe Biden.”

“Joe Biden is somebody who can go hand in hand and toe to toe with Donald Trump in terms of performing toughness in a specific way,” Maxwell said.


Maxwell said:

Donald Trump is so scared of the possibility of running against Joe Biden. Joe Biden is somebody who can go hand to hand and toe to toe with Donald Trump in terms of performing toughness in a specific way, a very masculine way. I’m not saying there is something good about that. I’m just saying that I think on a debate stage, they’re going to go toe to toe on an equal playing field in that way. I do think that there is also a danger for Joe Biden in this moment because he just jumped into the race about a week ago. There are all these other candidates running. Now we are up to 21. So Joe Biden can’t count all the chickens before they roost either. But Donald Trump is clearly very afraid of Joe Biden because he cannot stop talking about him.

Trump is giving Biden’s campaign a major boost

Donald Trump may see Joe Biden as his toughest challenger going into 2020, but his fear is only driving him to do things that boost the former VP’s candidacy.

After all, above anything else this primary season, Democrats are most focused on selecting a nominee that can beat Trump. It’s the top priority.

Through his non-stop Twitter tantrums and Fox News ramblings, Trump is essentially telling Democratic primary voters which candidate is most likely to beat him next November.

One week after Joe Biden’s entry into the race, Donald Trump has been the biggest asset to the former vice president’s campaign.

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