Republican NRA Suckers Get Conned As Wayne LaPierre Spends $200K On Beverly Hills Suits


Those liberal, coastal elites are at it again. Oh, wait. It’s actually the conservative CEO of the NRA, the association that pretends to be about everyday gun owners but really represents the bloody greed of gun manufacturers and owns the Republicans in Congress.

You know, the people who pretend liberals are such elites that they call them “limousine liberals,” whereas they stand for the flag-waving Russian peasants also now known as the conservative base.

Yes, it turns out, according to the Wall Street Journal, the NRA board let Wayne LaPierre charge $440,000 to the “nonprofit,” $200,000 of which was for suits. Suits he bought in Beverly Hills. California. Land of the snitty liberal elite.


Oh, and trips! Yes, Wayne LaPierre, who of course hates Europe like any red-blooded American who supports selling military weapons to children and suspected terrorists because hey, money is God, spent $240,000 on trips to Italy, Hungary, and the Bahamas, and charged the NRA “without providing adequate documentation.”

Documentation is for suckers. Like laws. And jobs.

It’s understandable, though, because LaPierre only makes $1.4 million a year off of your donations, as of 2017, and that’s just not enough to buy one’s own suits.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell wondered the same thing I am – how does that feel to $30,000 a year NRA members who haven’t had a family vacation in years.

The NRA enjoys non-profit status currently, because advocating for corporate greed is somehow in the public’s interest. The fear of losing this status is what propelled then NRA President Oliver North to write in a letter to the NRA board, “I am deeply concerned that these allegations of financial improprieties could threaten our nonprofit status.”

Well, Oliver is gone now. He went up against LaPierre and lost.

See if this sounds Oval Office-y familiar, “NRA director Marion Hammer said the travel-expense allegations were ‘part of the failed coup attempt.'”

It’s so easy to manipulate the peasants. Just claim being called out on your bad behavior is part of a coup, and the persecution-obsessed, victim-identifying conservatives will send more money.

Not to fear, peasants! The NRA is spending your money on an outside lawyer to defend the $200,000s in Italian suits and Mr. LaPierre various travel needs, “An outside attorney for the NRA, William A. Brewer III, said the ‘vast majority of travel involved donor outreach, fundraising and stakeholder engagement. The board is aware of the allegations and has taken them under review.’

Mr. Brewer said certain fundraising and travel expenses were routed through Ackerman McQueen for ‘confidentiality and security purposes,’ but the practice has since been modified. Mr. LaPierre didn’t return messages left at the NRA.”

You see, when you have a regular job where the bank just gives you money when you run out as Trump explained during his shutdown, you don’t need to vacation or wear Italian suits and you certainly don’t need to “route” your expenses through an ad agency.

Yes, peasants, do continue to give to LaPierre, because after all if you don’t, the government run by Donald Trump will no doubt come for the machine guns you have stuffed under the seat of your car in case you need to stand your ground when some liberal elite comes asking for your money.

These guys in the photo above? They’re all happily funding Mr. LaPierre’s liberal elite lifestyle. When you’re rich, they let you do it.

And that’s okay, because every dollar LaPierre funnels off for himself is a dollar not being spent keeping Republican traitors in office, which is the NRA’s actual job, because only Republicans can be counted on not to care about the lost lives of children slaughtered at their schools and in their homes.