Trump Is Going To Try To Block All Former White House Officials From Testifying

Trump is going to try to block Don McGahn and other former administration officials from testifying before Congress.

Trump is going to try to block witnesses from testifying to Congress

Here was Trump on Fox News:

Trump: I had him testifying already for 30 hours.

Q: Is the answer no?

Trump: I don’t think I can tell him, and then tell everybody else they can’t. They testified many hours —

Q: As far as you’re concerned it’s really —

Trump: I can’t say one can, the others can’t.

Q: Is it done?

Trump: I would say it’s done.


Trump is trying to use the presidency to obstruct a congressional investigation

Trump is using a version of the same tactic that he used against Mueller. Since Trump couldn’t restrict Mueller’s access to witnesses, he had everybody “not remember” significant events. In dealing with the House, Trump is overtly restricting witness testimony by trying to block the witnesses from appearing. None of this behavior is what an innocent person does.

If Trump did nothing wrong, he should be delivering witnesses to the House himself, so that his name would be cleared.

The president is going to obstruct every witness and every piece of information from now through the 2020 election. The whole point is to make is to slow down the investigations until after the election. The smart move politically would be to get these investigations out of the way before the campaign heats up. Trump is setting himself up for a slow drip of damaging information all through next year.

Trump can’t restrict all the information. The House will get what they need one way or another, and in the end, Trump’s obstruction will only serve to make things worse for Republicans.

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