`Trump Demands Facebook and Twitter Ban MSNBC And CNN

Trump called for MSNBC and other outlets to be banned from social media after some of his biggest alt-right supporters were banned for hate speech.

Trump called for MSNBC to be banned

Trump responded to some of his biggest alt-right supporters being banned by tweeting:

Trump wants some of the most prominent free press outlets banned from Twitter and Facebook, but pro-Trump propagandists, conspiracy theorists, and hate speech peddlers should have an amplified platform. The president’s demand is in line with an authoritarian view of the press. Trump does not believe in press freedom. He wants a media does not challenge or investigate him.

The media is supposed to push his propaganda, brainwash the citizens, and glorify him.

Trump wants the United States to become North Korea.

The free press is democracy’s weapon against Trump

Trump conflated hate speech, conspiracy theories, and propaganda getting peddled by the banned alt-right Trump supporters, with the role of the free press in investigating his administration. The press did not get the collusion story “wrong.” The president lied in his tweet.

The notion that Trump was cleared of “collusion” which isn’t a crime that exists in the criminal code is a falsehood that has been pushed by Trump’s attorney general, the president and his defenders.

The Mueller report found lots of conspiracy between Trump and the Russians, but as the report noted, key witnesses suddenly developed memory problems when it was time to provide essential details to Mueller.

Trump is trying to destroy the free press because this nation needs the Fourth Estate to save the country from his endless pit of lies.

Donald Trump is losing. His hate speech spewing supporters are being banned, and the institutions that safeguard freedoms are prevailing over this president.

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