Cory Booker Makes The Perfect Case For Impeaching William Barr

Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker (D-NJ) said that Barr should resign, and everything should be on the table, including impeachment.

Cory Booker Gets to the heart of why Barr should resign or be impeached

Booker said on CNN’s State of the Union, “He has eroded his credibility to the point where I believe he should resign. He has clearly misled Congress…I believe he should resign. I believe that everything should be on the table, but when you have a person who has undermined the independence of the attorney general’s office. A guy who is literally overseeing ongoing investigations into criminal activity and this president, and you’ve lost your ability to trust, you were clearly trying to spin. You were acting more like Rudy Giuliani than the independent attorney general of this country. I’m definitely worried.”


Impeaching Barr is a means to an end

Everything that Sen. Booker laid out was one hundred percent correct. Barr is never going to resign, so impeachment has to be on the table. Anything less equals giving him a free pass. Barr is never going to leave on his own. He is either going to have to be pressured out, or become such a political liability that Trump throws him under the bus and tosses him out.

Democrats need to turn Barr into an anchor around Trump’s neck, and the way to that is to keep applying public pressure for resignation or impeachment of the attorney general.

Booker laid it out perfectly. A compromised attorney general who is acting as Trump’s personal attorney can’t oversee criminal investigations into the president. Either through resignation or impeachment, Barr has got to go.