Signs Grow That Voters Want To Rid The Country Of Trump

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll found that 59% of voters would have reservations or are very uncomfortable with the idea of reelecting Trump.

Voters are uncomfortable with the idea of four more years of Trump

NBC News reported, “The NBC/WSJ poll shows a combined 41 percent of all registered voters saying they’re either enthusiastic or comfortable when it comes to Trump and his re-election, while a combined 59 percent say they have some reservations (10 percent) or are very uncomfortable (49 percent). For former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his presidential bid in late April, 47 percent are enthusiastic/comfortable, versus a combined 49 percent who have some reservations (25 percent) or are very uncomfortable (24 percent).”

Biden was the only Democratic candidate that the story used data from all voters on, and it paints a striking contrast. After years of tweets, tantrums, irrational behavior, and causing worry, voters are ready to move on from Donald Trump’s one person circus of chaos.

One gets the sense from this very early polling that most voters would like to go back to having a government that was less seen and heard than Trump.

The election is still 540+ days away. The entire world can change in that amount of time, but feelings about Trump have remained static. Trump is the opposite of a comforting and reassuring presence and voters are tired of feeling bad.

The issue in 2020 is healthcare

More bad news came for Trump on the issues. Healthcare is the top concern of voters (24%). Despite Trump’s relentless hammering of immigration and the border, just 18% of voters list it as their top issue, and 14% are concerned about jobs and the economy.

Trump isn’t going to win an election centered on healthcare. The border fearmongering isn’t working with the broader electorate, as signs suggest that most voters want to be rid of Trump.

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