Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump’s Obstruction Is Backfiring And Uniting America Against Him

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that Trump’s obstruction of congressional investigations is backfiring and uniting the American people against him.

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump’s obstruction is uniting the American people against him

Rep. Lieu said during a Sunday interview on MSNBC, “They essentially have denied every congressional request. This sort of maximum denial is now unifying Democrats in Congress. I think it’s also unifying the American people. The framers set up our constitution as co-equal branches of government under the necessary and proper clauses of the constitution, Congress has a right to conduct oversight investigations. The administration simply can’t do this. If they’re going to do this, we’re going to use all the tools at our disposal. We’re going to take them to court and likely win on all the requests we have.”


Trump’s Obstruction of Congressional Democrats Isn’t Working

Trump has been obstructing Democrats so that he can spread his false version of the Mueller report. The problem is that polling is showing that Trump’s tactics are making him look guilty and increasing the doubts that voters already have about electing him to a second term. The obstruction of the investigations is hurting Trump politically, but it may be the only choice that he has.

Should Trump lose in 2020, he is likely facing a criminal indictment back in New York for masterminding the Stormy Daniels hush money payoff conspiracy.

Trump doesn’t want four more years so that he can govern. President Trump is trying to run out the statute of limitations on his crimes.

The American people see through what Trump is doing and his strategy of denying and obstructing is only making people more determined to vote against him in 2020.

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