Trump Just Found Out Mueller’s Testifying And He’s Freaking Out

America got to see Trump freak out in real time on Twitter as he told special counsel Robert Mueller not to testify to Congress.

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Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tweets are not the reaction of an innocent man. Trump is acting like his massive lies about the Mueller report are about to be exposed in front of the entire country, and he is freaking out. Of course, Trump doesn’t want Mueller to testify, because the special counsel is going to destroy Trump’s lies that there was no collusion and no obstruction.

Democrats aren’t redoing the investigation. They are building on Mueller’s findings to settle questions that the Special Counsel left to them on issues like obstruction of justice.

Trump is scared of Mueller’s testimony

Trump thought that he could con his way into burying the Mueller report, but the House of Representatives has other ideas. Robert Mueller is going to testify. Whether or not it will be on the floated date of May 15 has not been settled yet, but Trump is clearly afraid of what Robert Mueller is going to tell Congress, because the most critical witness in the House investigation is the special counsel who can connect the dots and fill in the missing puzzle pieces that could lead to impeachment.

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