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Trump Whines That Democrats Have ‘Stolen’ 2 Years Of His Presidency

Trump is in full pity party mode on Sunday, as he complained that Democrats have ‘stolen’ two years of his presidency.

Trump falsely claims that Democrats have stolen his presidency

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s claim of Democratic theft is false. Democrats didn’t control the House until January 2019. Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. Robert Mueller is a Republican. Democrats had nothing to do with Trump wasting the first two years of his presidency. Republicans ran the government, and Republicans ran the Mueller investigation. The president’s blaming of Democrats for his problems was completely inaccurate.

Trump is responsible for wasting two years of his presidency

Trump has spent most of his presidency tweeting, watching Fox News, and taking taxpayer-funded trips to play golf. Trump’s private schedule revealed a president who is doing nothing with his time. Trump’s days start at around 11 AM and end by 4 PM. Every other week, he spends the weekend at his private club in Florida. Trump can blame Mueller and the Democrats, but there has never been a president who has done so little with so much as Donald Trump.

Donald Trump sees his presidency slipping away. He has no significant legislative accomplishments outside of a reviled tax cut for the wealthy and corporations. Trump has been a failure as president, and he if he wants to blame someone, he can start by looking in the mirror.

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