House Judiciary Committee Turns Up The Heat On Barr Contempt


House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has scheduled a hearing on Wednesday to mark up a contempt report against AG Barr.

Barr contempt moves a step closer in the House

Rep. Nadler said in a statement, “Even in redacted form, the Special Counsel’s report offers disturbing evidence and analysis that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice at the highest levels. Congress must see the full report and underlying evidence to determine how to best move forward with oversight, legislation, and other constitutional responsibilities. The Attorney General’s failure to comply with our subpoena, after extensive accommodation efforts, leaves us no choice but to initiate contempt proceedings in order to enforce the subpoena and access the full, unredacted report. If the Department presents us with a good faith offer for access to the full report and the underlying evidence, I reserve the right to postpone these proceedings.”

The hearing will be held on May 8 at 10 AM ET. Members of the committee will debate and vote on a contempt resolution against Barr and a report of contempt. After the resolution passes the committee, it will head to the House floor for a vote. The resolution will pass in the House, and Barr will be held in contempt, which will give House counsel the ability to sue the attorney general.


Barr has the option of turning over the full Mueller report and the underlying evidence to the committee before the hearing and this all goes away. The odds of the attorney general following this course of action are zero. Barr is going to be held in contempt. The matter will go to court, and House Democrats will win.

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