FBI Director Wray Debunks Trump’s Lie That His Campaign Was Spied On


During Senate testimony, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that he has no evidence that the Trump campaign was spied on.

No Evidence That The FBI Spied On Trump

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen asked Wray, “Do you have any evidence that any illegal entrance into the campaigns or individuals associated by the campaigns occurred?”

Director Wray answered, “I don’t think I have any evidence of that sort.”



Wray stated what every other intelligence community official has expressed in the past. There was no spying on Trump’s campaign. In 2017, a top NSA official called Trump’s claim that the UK spied on him “nonsense.” The Trump campaign was under investigation because they were hanging around with Russians and doing things that they should not have been doing.

Director Wray was correct. There is no evidence of any spying having been done on Trump’s campaign. Trump is using the spying conspiracy theory to discredit those who are investigating him while distracting from the president’s potential and actual crimes. Unlike the rest of Washington, the FBI Director isn’t caving and having his soul eaten by Donald Trump’s web of lies.

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