GOP Tries to ‘Close’ Russia Probe With Only 2 Members Having Access To Unredacted Mueller Report

Republicans are going full desperate talking points to end the Trump Russia probe, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell preparing to declare it’s “case closed” and White House Propagandist Kellyanne Conway using McConnell’s words to dishonestly declare on TV, “(A)s Mitch McConnell is going to say our Majority Leader in the Senate today, case closed that Putin and the Russians see us still arguing about Russian interference in election that did not exist.”

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who spends most of his time defending Trump’s assumed rights to be above the law, said, “I can’t say I’ve read it all, but I’ve read most of it.”

OH. I mean, it’s not important. It’s just our national security and an ongoing attack on our country, so yeah, why read it.

In fact, only two members of Congress have been confirmed as even seeing the full unredacted report, Republicans Rep. Doug Collins and Sen. Lindsey Graham. McConnell said he’d get around to reviewing it, but this hasn’t been confirmed in my research and McConnell’s word is worth the same as his “repeal and replace” plan, which is to say, naught.

Yet, before he has even read the full report, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is in full Republican histrionic mode that pursing justice and protecting our country is “such a farce:”

Republicans don’t care about the evidence. They literally do not care that even the redacted version of Mueller’s report showed that Donald Trump’s campaign had multiple contacts with Russians and the Russians interfered in the election to help Trump. This is a fact.

Republicans don’t need to see the evidence before making up their mind, and that tells you everything about their credibility. Republicans are cheerleaders for the Donald Trump Cult, not actual members of Congress who are upholding their sworn duty to this country. This is traitorous behavior given the facts and given the fact that they know what Trump and the Russians did, and they are not only ignoring it, but allowing it to continue.