Kellyanne Conway Russian election interference

Kellyanne Conway Falsely Claims Russian Interference Never Existed

Kellyanne Conway falsely stated on Fox and Friends that Russian election interference never happened and didn’t exist.

Kellyanne Conway Lied About Russian Election Interference

Conway said, “Bob Mueller’s report is definitive and conclusive, and as Mitch McConnell is going to say our Majority Leader in the Senate today, case closed that Putin and the Russians see us still arguing about Russian interference in election that did not exist, sure the interference existed, right, but read the whole Mueller report, read volume one.”


Russian election interference did happen. It has been proven by the US intelligence community and the Mueller report. Kellyanne Conway was trying to minimize Russian election interference because Russia’s activities help Donald Trump. The White House can’t think of a good reason to object to Mueller testifying, so they have come up with a false reality version of the Mueller report that is a definitive account that clears Trump.

Conway directed viewers to read volume one of the report, which was a way of begging them to avoid volume two and the obstruction of justice section at all cost. The White House is getting desperate. The real reason why they don’t want Mueller to testify is that he will blow apart their Barr/Trump spin on his report.

When Bob Mueller testifies, it all comes crumbling down, which is why Kellyanne Conway was straining on Fox News to keep Trump’s most devoted followers in line.

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