Lawrence O’Donnell Hammers The 3 Secrets Trump Tried To Hide With His Tax Returns

There were at least three big secrets that Trump was hiding with his tax returns, and now they have all been exposed.

Lawrence O’Donnell said on MSNBC, “The New York Times report tells us three big things. One, Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes. Two, Donald Trump loses massive amounts of money in business. And three, Donald Trump has always been financially dependent on his father. Those are all things that Donald Trump does not want voters to know about his financial life. All of those things clash with the image of a successful businessman that Donald Trump presents to his supporters.”


Trump is a tax dodging fraud

The reasons why Trump is so afraid of his tax returns being released are, in part, what many Americans already thought. Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes. He is a terrible businessperson, and he has never made money on his own.

The myth that Trump sold to voters in 2016 was that of an intelligent person who has known success in the business world. The reality is that Trump is an empty-headed failure trust fund baby who has relied on daddy’s money to get by for his entire life. Trump has never had to work for a paycheck. His father or someone else like a Russian oligarch was always there to catch him when he fell.

Trump is a fake, but the most politically damaging revelation is that he pays no taxes.

Donald Trump already thought of uncaring and out of touch with the problems of everyday Americans, so the revelation that he doesn’t pay taxes is the icing on the cake and the confirmation that the failed business con man has no place in the Oval Office.

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