Hysterical Trump Spends An Hour Trying To Distract America From His Tax Returns


Trump’s hysteria was visible as he threw everything he could think of up on his Twitter account to distract from the bombshell fraud revealed by his tax returns.

Trump tried to distract the nation from caring about his tax returns

Trump tweeted about the border:


The president claimed that the FBI tried to sabotage his campaign:

Trump claimed that Democrats are obstructing justice:

He rambled about a trade deal with China that isn’t happening:

Trump is trying to hold his base together

Donald Trump is a massive fraud. He isn’t a successful businessman. He doesn’t pay taxes, and he has been dependent on money from others for his entire life. The myth that Trump has built his life on has been destroyed. Trump isn’t worried about the Fox News watching cult. They will stick with him no matter what. Trump is afraid that he is going to lose those voters who voted for Obama but flipped to him in 2016. The news that Trump doesn’t pay taxes is not going to play well in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Trump’s approval rating is already in the negative in every swing state, and if he loses swing state voters, he is toast in 2020.

Donald Trump is on the ropes, and his tax returns could be a knock out punch.

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