Rachel Maddow Shows How Mueller Is The Terror That Haunts Trump In The Night

Rachel Maddow explained that all of the many battles between Trump and Congress center around the White House fear of Robert Mueller speaking about his report.

Rachel Maddow: The White House Is Afraid That Mueller Will Talk

Maddow said, “Just as the White House and Attorney General William Barr tried to shut down the Judiciary Committee’s path to access Mueller’s full findings and evidence. Tonight here opened up another path as the intelligence committee sends their subpoena as well. Right. So all of these different fights, all of these different subpoenas, all of these different confrontations, they are the same thing. It is trump versus Mueller’s investigation. And the apex concern that the president and the Trump White House and his helpers in this fight must have, the prospect that they must feel lurking under the bed ready to reach out and grab their ankles if they let a foot touch the floor, right, the gravest boogieman worry they’ve got to have right now has to be that Robert Mueller somehow, some way will be allowed to speak freely and for himself about his own investigation and his own findings in his own terms. Because this feels like we are going through this remarkable period in the news, right? It has been a six-week festival of freak-out, trying to stop Mueller from speaking in his own terms about his own work.”


The White House should fear Mueller

Robert Mueller wants to testify. The letters that Mueller wrote Barr make it clear that he is not happy with the way that his report has been distorted by the Attorney General and the White House. Mueller’s testimony will be must-see television that has the potential to destroy every Trump lie about the special counsel report and put the nation on the fast track to impeachment.

Trump has always feared Mueller, and that fear is only growing as the pressure intensifies for the special counsel to answer the questions that the Trump White House has spent six weeks trying to hide.

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