The Democratic Healthcare Agenda And Obamacare Are Massively Popular With Voters

A new poll reveals that 65% of voters approve of Obamacare and 69%-90% support the planks of the Democratic healthcare agenda.

Some of the key takeaways from the poll done by PPP for Protect Our Care:
– The Affordable Care Act itself remains popular, with 65% of voters wanting Congress to keep what works in the ACA and fix what doesn’t, compared to only 30% who want to see Congress repeal the ACA and start over with a new healthcare law. 78% of Democrats and 77% of independents would most like Congress to keep what works in the ACA and fix what doesn’t instead of repealing the ACA and starting over.

– 90% of voters support ending the ban that prevents Medicare from negotiating with drug companies to get lower prices for prescription drugs.•85% support ending price gouging by pharmaceutical companies on common drugs such as insulin and EpiPens.•

– 85% support prohibiting insurance companies from sending surprise medical bills where they charge higher out-of-network rates for services when a patient visits an in-network hospital or medical practice.

– 82% support making it more difficult for big drug companies to block new, cheaper generic drugs.

– 70% support requiring all health insurance plans to fully cover more basic services such as primary care visits and seeing a specialist before charging a deductible or copay.

– 69% support stopping insurance companies from selling junk health insurance plans that do not cover prescription drug costs or protect people with pre-existing conditions.

– 69% support guaranteeing that more Americans can buy health insurance for less than 10 percent of their income.

If Healthcare is the issue in 2020, Democrats will win

Obamacare and the Democratic healthcare platform are wildly popular with voters. Trump has only hurt Republicans with his continued attacks on the Affordable Care Act. If voters go the polls in 2020 with healthcare on their minds, Republicans will be in big trouble on election day. Voters don’t want Medicare for all or a total overhaul of the healthcare system.

They like Obamacare and want to see it strengthened. Obamacare is the policy that could carry Democrats back to the White House in 2020.

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