Trump Flees Reporters And Takes No Questions After Tax Return Bombshell

Trump left for a campaign rally, but instead of talking to reporters, the president took no questions about his tax documents.

Trump Takes No Questions when leaving for Florida

NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell tweeted:

Trump made a cabinet meeting earlier in the day closed press to avoid taking any questions from reporters about his tax returns. The president will hold a rally in Florida, which is almost certain to feature Trump at his most off the rails worst, but he is not answering questions from reporters related to how he has lied about everything from his business success to paying taxes.

Donald Trump never misses a chance to get in front of a camera, but the news is so bad on the issue of his leaked tax information that he is avoiding the press and their questions at all costs.

A president is supposed to be accountable and lead, but all Donald Trump ever does is run away in disgrace.

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