Trump Goes Into Hiding After His Tax Returns Come Out


Trump turned a cabinet meeting into a closed press event and blocked reporters from covering it after a bombshell report on his tax returns.

The White House is hiding Trump from reporters

The White House took away a chance for reporters to ask Trump questions about his tax returns:


The one sure fire way to tell when the story is terrible for Trump is when the White House hides him from reporters. Trump will be in hiding, and probably only be communicating by tweet because he believes that he is his own best communications person. The story on just one decade of Trump’s tax returns is devastating. It revealed a president who is not a stable genius, who is terrible at business and a man who raised taxes on the majority of working Americans while he doesn’t pay a dime most of the time in federal taxes.

Any other president would have released his or her tax returns during the campaign so that this would not be an issue. A different president might hold a press conference and directly answer questions from the press.

Trump’s answer is to play hide and tweet.
Donald Trump is caught, and now he is hiding to avoid any accountability for his lies.

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