Barr Tries To Make Democrats Impeach Trump To Get Mueller Evidence

Attorney General Barr is refusing to turn over any Mueller documents and evidence to House Democrats unless they impeach Trump.

Barr Won’t Turn Over Mueller Evidence Unless Trump Is Impeached

Nicolle Wallace reported on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “I’m told by a justice department source, the only way the Democrats get their hands on anything resembling underlying evidence or a more fulsome version of the Mueller report is part of impeachment proceedings. The standoff that the Justice Department and the white house may be prepared for is the more combative version.”


Trump wants impeachment so that he can run on it in 2020

During the Mueller investigation, Trump and his allies created the bogus perjury trap excuse to give Trump an out for not testifying to Mueller. Trump and Barr have gone on to create a real impeachment trap for Democrats. The obstruction, refusal to turn over documents, and allow witnesses to testify is all intended to both stall for time, and push House Democrats toward impeachment.

Trump wants impeachment because there is no chance that he will be convicted in the Senate and removed from office. It doesn’t matter what the evidence reveals, Senate Republicans are not going to vote to convict Trump and remove him from office. There is no alternate universe timeline where Senate Republicans behave this way.

The White House wants impeachment, which is why Speaker Pelosi is intelligently not giving it to them. Trump is trying to bait Democrats into impeaching him, so that impeachment, not his failures as a human being and as president are on the ballot next year.

Democrats should keep digging and fight out these disputes in court, and make sure that under no circumstances does Donald Trump get to run on impeachment in 2020.

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