Nancy Pelosi Blasts Trump for Not Even Pretending to Protect Elections

One day after the House voted to hold handpicked Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to share the unredacted Mueller report with Congress as Mueller instructed him to do and as Congress must see in order to determine what to do with the evidence, as Mueller instructed, Speaker Pelosi blasted Trump with the truth that he is failing to even pretend to protect our elections.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday blasted the Trump administration for not even pretending to want to protect our elections.

“It’s appalling that this administration would not even pretend to want to protect our elections,” Pelosi told reporters.

Pelosi also said that President Trump thinks intervention by Russia in the 2016 election is “a laughing matter.”


Pelosi added that she agrees with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler that the country was in a constitutional crisis, and repeated her reference to Trump ‘almost self-impeaching’ by refusing to abide by the Constitution and laws.

I said the same thing on i24News EN with David Schuster, arguing that Trump is failing to defend this country after an attack and failing to protect our elections. This is not only reason enough to impeach him, but it is mandatory because of the national security risk he poses as president.

Progressives and Democrats have been eager for Pelosi to being the impeachment process in the House, and at times critical of Pelosi for what they see as stalling. It appears as if Pelosi is making the case for the public to impeach Trump, but Pelosi knows better than most that with Republicans in the Senate, Trump will not be kicked out of office. He will, however, use the impeachment process to further portray himself as a victim in 2020.

The answer of what to do regarding the national security threat that is Donald Trump isn’t as clear as it should be, because unlike under Richard Nixon, Republicans are spitting on other Republicans who bring forth facts that this president invited Russia to attack our country.

Of course Donald Trump should be impeached. And of course the rule of law necessitates that he be impeached.

But if Democrats in the House impeach Trump and Republicans let him off, Donald Trump will be an even bigger authoritarian fascist than he is today. That is the danger of not looking down the road to see where the best exits lead.

The goal is to get Donald Trump and all Republican traitors out of the White House. It seems to me the best solution would be to get them out and then prosecute for various crimes and actions against this country. That isn’t what feels best or is right. But it is what seems most likely to work.

The voters need to hold Republicans and Trump accountable for failing to defend this nation.