Rep. Eric Swalwell Says The House Is On The Road To Impeaching Trump

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that the House is on the road to impeachment and dismantling Trump’s wall of obstruction.

The House is on the road to impeaching Trump

Rep. Swalwell said on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

We’re on the road to impeachment. There’s no question about that. I don’t think it’s a road any of us want to go down. We’re trying to demonstrate as we did today we’re also going to protect people with pre-existing conditions. We already passed background checks on gun violence, but we’ve got to hold this guy accountable.

Right now there’s a wall of obstructers who stand between us and the evidence that you need to hold him accountable, so I’m suggesting the best way to hold the president accountable is start getting rid of brick by brick those obstructers. That starts will Bill Barr. We’re going to hold him in contempt in front of the full House. I think we should move to impeach him.

I think Steve Mnuchin’s probably next. He won’t give us the tax returns of the president when it’s pretty clear he should. But we’re going to get it right. It’s not going to happen as fast as it probably needs to, but I think we want to make sure we’re on solid ground as we go to the courts to seek this evidence and show we’ve exhausted all the remedies and the president left us with no other choice.


House Democrats are smartly gathering evidence

Trump and Attorney General Barr are attempting to bait Democrats into impeachment by withholding all documents and witnesses but House Democrats are playing it smart. They aren’t rushing into impeachment. They are gathering evidence and building legal cases. When Democrats go to court to get the materials that they will need if they are going to seriously consider impeachment, they will be on a sound legal foundation.
Donald Trump is begging for impeachment right now because it would give him the ultimate distraction that would take attention away from his real scandals and failings as president. Politically, it is smarter for the Democrats to move slowly and let this president drown in a series of damning revelations. The House is on the road to impeachment, and if they play their cards right, they can let the voters do the impeaching after they build a damning case against Donald Trump.

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