Trump Is So Out Of Control That The White House Twice Asked McGahn To Lie To Calm Him Down

The White House asked Don McGahn to lie for Trump on obstruction of justice twice in the last month in an effort to calm the president down.

The White House Wanted McGahn To Lie About Obstruction Of Justice To Calm Trump Down

The New York Times reported:
White House officials asked at least twice in the past month for the key witness against President Trump in the Mueller report, Donald F. McGahn II, to say publicly that he never believed the president obstructed justice, according to two people briefed on the requests. Mr. McGahn, who was the president’s first White House counsel, declined, one of the people said. His reluctance angered Mr. Trump, who believed that Mr. McGahn showed disloyalty by telling investigators for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, about Mr. Trump’s attempts to maintain control over the Russia investigation.


White House officials believed that Mr. McGahn’s asserting his belief publicly would calm the president and help the administration push back on the episodes that Mr. Mueller detailed in the obstruction section of the report, said one of the people. Neither would be named describing private conversations involving the White House and spoke on condition of anonymity.

McGahn Must Testify Before The House

The White House didn’t want a statement from Don McGahn expressing the opinion that Trump did not obstruct justice. They wanted a blanket denial that Trump didn’t obstruct justice. Given the fact that McGahn refused to issue such a statement, it is clear that he doesn’t believe that Trump did not obstruct justice. The White House is still interfering with witnesses and investigations.

Congress must call McGahn to testify, and if Trump tries to block him, Don McGahn should show up anyway, because the out of control president must be stopped.

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