Trump Hijacks The 4th Of July And Turns It Into A Propaganda Celebration

Trump has taken over the national 4th of July celebration and turned into a propaganda event where he will address the nation.

Trump is turning the national 4th of July celebration into a campaign rally

According to The Washington Post:

President Trump has effectively taken charge of the nation’s premier Fourth of July celebration in Washington, moving the gargantuan fireworks display from its usual spot on the Mall to be closer to the Potomac River and making tentative plans to address the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, according to top administration officials.

The president’s starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a nonpartisan celebration of the nation’s adoption of the declaration of independence into another version of a Trump campaign rally. Officials said it is unclear how much the changes may cost, but the plans have already raised alarms among city officials and some lawmakers about the potential impact of such major alterations to a time-honored and well-organized summer tradition.

Trump ignores running the government but is involved in hijacking the 4th of July

Trump couldn’t get his military parade on the 4th of July, so he is taking the national marking of the nation’s declaration of independence and trying to use it to push his propaganda. If Barack Obama would have tried to do this, Republicans would have been marching in the streets claiming that we must preserve the traditional 4th of July, but Trump tries to turn the 4th into a taxpayer-funded MAGA rally, and not a word is said.

Keep 4th of July American and keep Putin’s president away from the nation’s non-partisan holiday.

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