Ukraine Tells Trump and Giuliani To Take Their Biden Smear And Get Lost

Ukraine’s message for Rudy Giuliani and Trump was to leave them out of their schemes to spread lies about Joe Biden.

Ukraine Tells Giuliani and Trump: Leave Us Out

Via The Washington Post:

Supporters of Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky — who is expected to take office in the coming weeks — said in interviews Saturday that they feared they were being pulled into a domestic political conflict in the United States, potentially at Ukraine’s expense.


A person close to Zelensky said the president-elect’s team viewed Trump’s interest in the investigations as a domestic U.S. matter and was determined not to let it distract from his agenda.

“This is definitely not our war,” the person close to Zelensky said. “We have to stay away from this as much as possible.”

The person said Zelensky, a TV comedian who ran on a strident anti-corruption agenda, would rule out using political pressure to lean on Ukrainian law enforcement to achieve any White House aims. The person close to Zelensky spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Trump is desperate to stop Joe Biden

It is ironic that Trump believes that voters would care about Ukraine when voters didn’t care that alarm bells were sounded during the 2016 election over Russian interference that benefitted Trump. Giuliani’s trip was intended to pressure the Ukranian government to find dirt on Joe Biden. During his interview with Fox News, Giuliani took credit for cooking up the conspiracy theory on his own.

Giuliani canceled his trip because the heat was coming from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the Ukrainians weren’t going to play ball with Trump.

Trump sees Joe Biden as his number one threat and is getting desperate to the former vice president at all costs.

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